About School Origin


Dhaniram Public school is placed in Barpali Korba, Chhattisgarh. It aims to become one of the academically comprehensive institution, that encompasses both academic and co-curricular excellence.
The school imparts formal education in accordance with the standards and guidelines prescribed by CBSE. The school’s curriculum is framed in a manner that provides the students with overall development and prepares them to face challenges globally.
The school has excellent infrastructure and complementary facilities. The school has a big playground that provides sufficient space for various sports and games. The auditorium is a perfect in-house recreation place for extra-curricular activities. The computer labs and the library match the needs of a competent and modern day education and fulfil the thirst of information and knowledge.
The Management comprises of Dr. Banshilal Mahto who is committed to the administration, management, functioning and progress of the school. The staff of teachers is duly qualified in their respective subjects, so as to implement and impart the best teaching methodology for the young learners. It is the utmost priority of the school’s Management and staff to ensure a secure campus for the students. Students are not only emphasized to focus on academics, but are also encouraged to prepare themselves for competition beyond their own school.
Dhaniram Public School is the right place for a holistic learning experience that nurture and grow the foundation for future leaders and professionals.



It is situated in between Korba and Champa.Nearest Airport is in Raipur.There is very good connectivity from Raipur to Korba by train and by road.Barpali is around 80km from Bilaspur which is the zonal Head Office of South Eastern Railway.

Chairman's Desk


The school has been established in the memory of my father on our homeland. The education system is based on modern science while being closely associated to the Indian culture. It  is a  blend of yoga, history of Indian culture, vedic mathematics and preliminary knowledge of  languages  and culture of different parts of the country.
We understand the unique identity of each  child and their self esteem. We dream of fostering kindness, respect and integrity in each individual child. Swami Vivekanand is an inspiration who undertook to work out and develop a scheme of integral education system which is both compatible with the contemporary needs.
We aspire our students to make a mark in academics, sports, music, art and all definitions of life. We dream of preparing an environment for our students in which they will flourish and get enriched with knowledge of all dimension of life with our traditional culture and modern scientific era, so that they get global recognition.


Dr Banshilal Mahto